Froggatt Hopping

August 2017.

Today my Mum and Charlie were taking me for a walk along Froggatt Edge. Now if you don’t know about the Edges in the Peak District you are in for a treat. They are Gritstone escarpments that create an “edge” down to the valley below and there are several of them. This is a good link to find out more

So Mum parked in a small parking bay near the start of the footpath and we set off. Initially the path starts in trees and bracken, so you don’t see a lot, but pretty soon the clear path opens out onto moorland on your left and the escarpment on your right. What a view!

There is a safe wide path a long way back from the edge but if you are adventurous you can hop from boulder to boulder along the escarpment. I did not like going too close to the edge and barked a warning to Mum and Charlie if they got too close.

That was fun! Then we turned right on a footpath that went down towards the valley below. It was like a jungle down there (especially as, being August, it was wet and warm) but after zig zagging about a bit we eventually found the right path down to the road….. and the pub! Yay, drinks all round and lunch for the humans. Doggie note; I was not allowed inside the The Chequers Inn but was welcome to sit outside in their cute courtyard garden. Luckily it had stopped raining…..

After lunch it was time to return up the hill back to the car – it was hard work getting up that hill but once we were at the top we all had a fun gallop back to the car.

Charlie and I won of course! Here is our route in case you’d like to try it.


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