How a Dream Came True…..

So here is there story of how I came to own Holly Cottage.

3 years ago I visited the Peak District for the first time. I rented a little cottage in Youlgrave for 3 days and fell in love with the whole area. I ran each day, twice locally around the Dales and once I drove to Ladybower Reservoir and did a long 18 mile run exploring the moors and Edges up there. It helped that it was a romantic getaway, but this love for the Peaks was clearly permanent.

On my second run locally, I happened to run through a gorgeous, tiny hamlet where there was a beautiful little row of miners’ cottages, one of which had a For Sale sign outside it.

Out of curiosity I looked it up. I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but it was about the amount I had in mind to buy an investment property when my divorce finalised. Hmm. I was planning on buying a flat in Colchester or Cambridge and rent it out permanently but maybe I could buy here and then I could use it and rent it out as a holiday let…? As I ran down Bradford Dale for the 2nd or 3rd time I had this wonderful image of my daughter Charlie and our dog being able to come down to the Dale and play in the water; safely able to wander down by herself to explore.

Fast forward to December 2016 and we have finally sold the marital home and my ex husband and I could move on with our lives separately. I buy a small flat in a town locally and immediately start looking for another cottage in the Peaks. It took time, patience, false starts and more money than I planned but I got there in April 2018. By some serendipitous twist of fate, Holly Cottage is actually 2 doors down from the one I first saw for sale 3 years ago.

And this week my dream was realised. The weather was gorgeous so Charlie, her best friend, Mac and I wandered down the Dale and spent a couple of hours by the river, in the little area downstream that has been dammed for swimming. It took a lot of work and heartache and frustration and tears. But I got there in the end.


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